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One-on-one Interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hazard, Kentucky. 11/08

Jennifer Sias after one-on-one interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hazard, KY, November 2008. In this photo, then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is cheering "The Thundering Herd!" after Sias told her she is a librarian at Marshall University.


Jennifer has continued to enhance her Web 2.0 knowledge and skills by learning about and experimenting with video and audio applications, including podcasting and vodcasting.  Her work-related video and audio productions have been enhanced by lessons she learned in 2008 through her work as a vodcast volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Using her own time, equipment and her journalistic background, Sias attended several of Senator Clinton’s campaign events in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky where she interviewed voters, video taped the event and produced video podcasts, many of which were featured on Senator Clinton’s website.  Clinton’s Internet Director was so impressed with Sias’s work that she arranged for Jennifer to attend several of the senator’s events as Press.  The campaign arranged for Jennifer to have exclusive access for her video projects, and recently even granted Jennifer a one-on-one interview with Senator Clinton backstage.  At this event, in Hazard, Kentucky, where Senator Clinton campaigned on behalf of Barack Obama and Joe Biden as well as for Bruce Lunsford, Clinton even talked with Jennifer about “the Thundering Herd!”  Some of the vodcasts Sias produced, including exclusive interviews with West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller and Governor Joe Manchin, can be viewed on Clinton’s website (*update – archived copies available upon request.  The blog on was discontinued when Senator Clinton became Secretary of State.):

  • Pacifica Radio asked Jennifer to conduct interviews on-site during the September 20, 2008  “Race, Politics & Stereotypes in West Virginia Conference” at Marshall University.  Part of her interviews were featured in Pacifica Radio’s report “Election Unspun.”  Complete interviews are available here:
  • CNN vetted four of Jennifer’s iReports for coverage on the CNN platform in October 2009.  One iReport was featured in CNN’s promotion of Soledad Obrien’s “Latino in America” series: .  This iReport also aired on CNN Español TV.

Another iReport caught CNN’s attention and after vetting it, CNN featured it for several days on the main CNN website.  As of Nov. 5, 2009 this iReport has been viewed more than 38,000 times.

CNN producers also used it as the basis for a feature story on therapy animals:

CNN producers also featured this iReport in their weekly program This Week in iReports: Archived copy in the event live URL disappears:

CNN iReport – CNN vetted another iReport I created.  Uploaded March 20, 2010, this iReport was in response to one of their Weekend Assignments – a Walk in Our Shoes.  CNN asked iReporters to film a one-minute walk in a place they care about and live near.  I chose Marshall University:

Core Foundations Presentation – spring 2009 – Used digital video to record Dr. Sherri Smith’s presentation, edited and produced video to feature on Faculty Senate website.  Faculty who could not attend one of Dr. Smith’s presentations or those who wanted to review the presentation further could do so


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